SCAMP is an exciting opportunity for children to get involved in live science and meet scientists from a world-class research institution.

This independent research, commissioned by the Department of Health, investigates whether children’s use of mobile phones and/or other technologies that use radio waves e.g. portable landline phones and wireless internet, might affect their neurocognitive or behavioural development e.g. memory, problem solving skills. Thirty-nine schools across London are taking part in the SCAMP study, making SCAMP the largest research study in the world to date to address this important research question.


In Year 7 and 9/10, pupils undertook an online computerised assessment (including simple cognitive tasks to assess attention and memory, and questions on mobile phone use and lifestyle).

We hope that the experience has been enjoyable and informative for both you and your child. We hope that you will continue to support this important research initiative so that together we can benefit the health of current and future generations. If there is anything that is not clear, or if you would like more information, please contact a member of the study team.

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For information about the current government and NHS health advice on mobile phone use for the public, including children, please see the government website guidelines:

If you would like more information about radio frequency exposures from mobile phones and the health protection policy in the UK, please explore the links below: