What does participating in SCAMP involve? Read our FAQs

Why should I take part?

From 2022, the study will be centred around our new research app. Studies like SCAMP need to keep following the same people in order to understand changes over time. In our case, we are examining the long-term impact of using a mobile phone as a teenager. If you completed our online surveys or gave us samples while you were at school, you can continue to support our research by signing up to be notified when the SCAMP Study app is released.  

Why is our research important?

Taking part in the SCAMP Study is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of vital research into young people’s mental health and wellbeing. With almost 7000 participants from across Greater London, SCAMP is one of the largest studies in the world to look at the effects of mobile phones on adolescents. Click to read more about why the SCAMP Study is so important. 

What opportunities do we offer?

Fancy being paid to share the latest research from the study? Boosting your CV by joining our work experience programme? Or advising us on how to ensure SCAMP is meeting the needs of young people today? We want to hear from you! Visit our opportunities page to apply now for our work experience and ambassador programmes. 

What have we found out so far? 

Many of you will now have been part of SCAMP for several years – some of you since you were in Year 7. By taking part in SCAMP you are actively helping researchers answer key scientific questions around young people’s mental health and brain development which will impact young people for generations to come. Our researchers are working hard to analyse the information you’ve provided so far and have already published several findings based on your contributions.   

Any Questions?