22 Aug 2022

SCAMP Study Finding: Bidirectional associations between sleep problems and behavioural difficulties and health-related quality of life

Our study showed bidirectional associations between sleep problems and mental health symptoms during adolescence, indicating that early intervention and treatment on the first-occurring symptom may prevent the development of subsequent problems. Read the full article here.

22 Aug 2022

SCAMP Study Finding: Digital Technology and BMI

We found an association between digital technology use and BMI in teenagers. Generally, participants with lower socioeconomic status reported more use of digital technology. Controlling for socioeconomic status, internet use on mobile phones for more than 3 hours per...

19 Aug 2022

Work Experience Week 2022

Now that all Covid restrictions have been lifted at Imperial College London, the SCAMP research team took the opportunity to offer a full week’s work experience programme for year 12s attending a SCAMP school. The Study of Cognition, Adolescents...

15 Jul 2022

SCAMP Study Finding: Bilingualism has a positive effect on working memory, especially in disadvantaged pupils

Our colleagues over at UCL’s Institute of Education (IOE) have published some fascinating findings on the benefits of bilingualism, based on SCAMP data. “It is also very important to note that the SCAMP project had different aims and was...

06 Jul 2022

SCAMP and the Big Bang

SCAMP researchers recently attended a Big Bang event at City Academy Hackney. The event saw KS3 pupils celebrating science with a whole day of workshops. SCAMP’s workshop gave students an opportunity to explore what physical activity guidelines mean for...

04 Jul 2022

CGI Young Dreamers Convention at Lord’s

In June, we brought our “Wellbeing Web of Life” to Lord’s Cricket Ground for the CGI Young Dreamers Convention. The Convention saw Year 9 pupils from Redbridge schools present some inspiring solutions to current real-world challenges in STEM fields....

30 Jun 2022

Mapping Screentime at the Great Exhibition Road Festival

At this year’s Great Exhibition Road Festival, we created a short, anonymous form to collect the following variables: daily mobile phone screentime hours age gender most used app At the festival, we asked visitors to contribute to the form...

01 May 2022

The SCAMP Study’s ‘Wellbeing Web of Life’ at Imperial Lates

At the recent brain-themed Imperial Lates event, the SCAMP team and our cohort ambassadors premiered ‘the Wellbeing Web of Life’: an exciting new public engagement activity to disseminate our research. We invited attendees to contribute factors affecting mental health...

01 Dec 2021

Newsletter – December 2021

Take a look through our December 2021 newsletter!

23 Sep 2021

We are running a sub-study of the SCAMP-COVID research – get the participant information sheet here!

Participant Information Sheet Research study title: SCAMP COVID19 – the Sleep and Physical Activity (SPA) study Dear SCAMP participant, You are being invited to take part in the SCAMP COVID19 SPA Study. Before you decide it is important for...