Jacob’s experience in SCAMP team

20 Jul 2018

I had the pleasure of spending a week working with the SCAMP team from the 16th to 20th July. Over the course of the week, I got to visit a range of secondary schools in London and record anthropometric measurements as well as a range of hand strength tests. Additionally, I helped with administering computerised questionnaires and a related cognitive test to the students. I found this experience very enjoyable and interesting, as it showed me a field of work I had always found fascinating but had never actually seen the likes of before first hand.

Furthermore, I got the opportunity to learn about the ways in which the data, once input and computerised, must then be cleaned for administrative as well as other types of errors so that the final conclusions of the study will be more accurate. I also got to begin to learn some valuable techniques into scientific literature searches and how to efficiently refine such searches without excluding relevant articles from your search.

Overall, I had an interesting, eye opening and enjoyable week at SCAMP and am extremely grateful to everyone at the team who helped to shape and enhance my week long experience of their work.