The SCAMP Study’s ‘Wellbeing Web of Life’ at Imperial Lates

01 May 2022

At the recent brain-themed Imperial Lates event, the SCAMP team and our cohort ambassadors premiered ‘the Wellbeing Web of Life’: an exciting new public engagement activity to disseminate our research.

We invited attendees to contribute factors affecting mental health and connect them to different life stages and confounding factors. Together, we built a highly interactive and striking visual metaphor for the complex relationship between mobile phone use and mental health that SCAMP researchers are working to disentangle.

The exhibit was an excellent barometer for ensuring our research remains current, facilitating a substantial number of meaningful conversations with the hundreds of visitors to the event. The colourful, social media-worthy aesthetics also proved an innovative and extremely effective way to inspire organic online engagement.

We plan to further extend the exhibit’s reach and longevity by creating a digital representation of the piece and replicating the activity for different audiences.