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How do rewards work in the SCAMP Study app?

Overview of rewards journey in the SCAMP Study app

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XPThe points you gain in the app from completing various research activities are called XP. 
AwardsYou can earn an award (level 1-4) if you gain enough XP in a season. Earning an award means you have made a substantial contribution to SCAMP research that season. 
SeasonThe window for completing activities and earning an award is called a season. Each season lasts 2 calendar months. 
MyThanksMyThanks is our rewards partner. You can spend your reward points on prizes in the MyThanks portal. 
Reward pointsReward points are given as a thank you to all eligible participants* for each award earnt and can be spent in the MyThanks portal. 

How can I earn XP?

When you have signed up in the app, you will have the opportunity to take part in various SCAMP activities including:

  • Surveys (in-app)
  • Enabling background data collection (in-app)
  • Wearing an activity tracker (outside app)
  • Sending us measurements and samples (outside app)

When do I get XP?

When you complete any of these activities, you will earn XP for your participation. XP for most in-app activities should show up the same day. XP for activity outside of the app will be added to your account at the end of the season or the end of the subsequent season, depending on when you completed it. Each season (every 2 months), if you earn enough XP, you will achieve an award.

You can find detailed information about how XP is awarded in our Rewards Scheme terms and conditions.

How do awards work?

At the end of every season, if you have earnt enough XP to receive an award, you will earn MyThanks reward points* corresponding to your award level:

Award LevelNo. of Reward Points
Level 1 Award400 reward points
Level 2 Award600 reward points
Level 3 Award1000 reward points
Level 4 Award
(limited availability)
1500 reward points

How do reward points work?

Reward points will show up in your MyThanks portal within a week of the end of the season. You can spend them on brands like:

  • Uber Eats
  • Costa Coffee
  • ASOS
  • Boohoo
  • Footlocker

You can spend your reward points in MyThanks straightaway or save them up over multiple seasons to spend on an even bigger reward, as long as you use your points within 12 months of receiving them, or within 12 months of your last redemption, whichever was most recent.

You can find our Rewards Scheme terms and conditions here.

*Please note that only users who meet the criteria set out in our terms and conditions will be eligible to receive reward points.

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